Fall Fashion Finds

I hate the fact that summer is coming to a close and I have to go back to school in September, but back to school is one of my favorite parts about going back to school. I was recently shopping and I saw all of the ‘Fall Fashion’ and ‘Back to School Shopping’, so I decided to curate a list of 2016 Fall Fashion Essentials. With just one of these items, or even just inspiration, your fall style will be perfect! While a lot of these pieces are expensive, you can probably find a cheaper alternative by typing in the name of what you want and then ‘dupe’ on google. Enjoy!

Bomber Jackets: I especially love the ones from Topshop (even though their prices are ridiculous!) Velvet and embroiderment are other big trends this fall so I decided to include some alternatives to a classic satin bomber.


From left- Topshop $130, Topshop $100, Topshop $85


Bandanas and Neck Scarves: Either in your hair or around your neck, I think bandanas are adorable. You can find them at the dollar store or up your game and go for Urban Outfitters. Available in most colors and patterns, there is one for every outfit!

From left- Urban Outfitters $12, Urban Outfitters $12


Band Tees: Don’t get me wrong, posers annoy me just as much as the next guy, but some band shirts are just too cute to pass up, even if you don’t listen to their music. I recently bought a gray Led Zeppelin shirt at a vintage store for only $8, which is practically nothing when compared to the pricey Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters dupes.

From left- Urban Outfitters $45, Brandy Melville $28, Brandy Melville $28


Statement Shoes: Although classic brown and black booties are a must for every Fall season, statement shoes are another option to explore. From cheetah, to colorblocking, there is something for everyone. Instead of having people’s eyes drawn to a jacket or dress, change it up a little and aim for shoes. While I’m not a huge fan of snakeskin, they are definitely a statement on boots! These Stuart Weitzman booties come with a hefty price tag, but I’m sure you could find them for much cheaper in other stores like ASOS or Topshop.

From left- (top) Bloomingdales $685, (bottom) Steve Madden $129.98 on sale currently for $90.98, Urban Outfitters $98, ASOS $80.62


Track Suits: I also think track suits are making a comeback, they are so comfy and when styled right, can be very cute. You can go sportier with brands like Adidas and Nike, or go the comfy route with Brandy Melville and Wildfox.

From left- Brandy Melville $35 for the bottom $29 for the top, Adidas $45 for the bottom $65 for the top


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