Top 10 Lush Products

I am a big fan of the company Lush, they are a UK based company that makes skin products and cosmetics that are mostly vegan and free of harsh chemicals. They also don’t do animal testing which I am a big fan of! Over the past 2 years I have tried out a lot of Lush products, so I decided to narrow my favorite Lush products to my top 10 products and do a complete review of each one! Also, I have a lot of Lush stocked up and I haven’t let myself buy anymore for a few months, so keep in mind that I haven’t tried the newer bath bombs. Also, I like to split some of my bath bombs to get multiple uses out of them (for info about splitting bath bombs, click here).

10) Mask of Magnaminty


My tenth favorite Lush product is the Mask of Magnaminty face mask. I generally prefer sheet masks, but the Mask of Magnaminty is my favorite Lush face mask. I always feel super refreshed and cleansed after I use it. I like this mask because you don’t have to refrigerate it so it doesn’t expire super fast before you have time to use it. Beware though because it can be hard to wash off with a washcloth if you let it dry too long. The scent is a little like dirt, but has peppermint in it so it smells like dirty peppermint, which is not as unsettling as it sounds. $13.95

9) Bubblegum Lip Scrub


Proceed with caution; this product if only for the sweets lovers because it shares a scent with Snow Fairy shower gel. I love this product for those groggy mornings when you wave up and your lips are peeling and slimy. It clears off the layer of skin with a gentle but effective scrub that you can lick off when you’re done. I personally like the smell but if sugary scents isn’t your thing, check out the Popcorn lip scrub, which I also own and love, or the Mint Julips lip scrub which is a chocolate mint flavor. $9.95

8) The Comforter Bubble Bar


This is another one for the sweet fans out there, this amazing bubble bar is blackcurrant scented. I received a small bar in a gift set for my birthday which I cut in half, but you could probably get anywhere from 4-6 uses to each bar, which retails for $11.95. It dyes the water a light pink color which does not affect the skin and it makes LOTS of bubbles that stay for a long time. $11.95

7) Big Blue Bath Bomb


Big Blue is a classic Lush must-have! It smells like sea salt and seaweed and tints the water light blue, it’s also has a calming factor of lavender. The seaweed and sea salt work to soften your skin and make it healthier. I love this one because it’s refreshing and reminds me of the beach in the middle of the winter. It’s also a cheaper bath bomb that you can split in more than one piece. $6.50

6) Dreamtime Bath Melt


Although this product is discontinued, I decided to include it because it is one of the first products I tried and forever will be a favorite. It, like all other Lush bath melts, doesn’t color the bath or make bubbles but it doesn’t provide a very strong scent all throughout the bath and it makes the water very creamy. It is extremely moisturizing, which is great in the winter. I also love this bath melt because it has lavender and jasmine in it so it makes you sleepy which is perfect for an evening bath.  Discontinued

5) Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb


I wish this bath bomb was around all year, but alas it is only available eat Christmas and Halloween. It has an interesting scent that is a mix of candy and pepper, which sounds disgusting but it adds a depth of smell that is quite unique. This bath bomb has a burgundy core within the green which is also interesting. There is a Lord of Misrule shower cream which I am not a fan of because of it’s consistency, but if you like the smell and don’t have a tub, it is a great option. Only available at Halloween

4) Rose Jam Shower Gel


This is my holy grail shower gel, and that’s saying a lot because I love shower gel. I don’t normally  like the scent of rose in beauty products, but when mixed with Lush’s signature vanilla, it is amazing. It lathers well, but is unfortunately only available at Christmas. The Rose Jam bubble bar shares the scent if you can’t get enough. Only available at Christmas

3) Yuzu & Cocoa Bubble Bar


I love the sandwich style bubble bars because they are very easy to split into two perfect halves. This smells like coconut and orange, almost like a creamsicle but less sweet. I love the bubbles this bar creates and I definitely recommend it. $7.95

2) Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


Golden Wonder is a real bang for your buck; it is a huge bath bomb with miniature bath bombs that is the same price as much smaller bath bombs at only $6.95. It turns the water teal with a golden shimmer. The smell of cognac oil is not my favorite but I don’t really notice it anyway. Also, let’s take a moment of silence to recognize how adorable this mini present with the bow is. Only available at Christmas.

1) Ocean Salt Facial Cleanser


By far my favorite Lush product, this is the Ocean Salt facial cleanser (non self-preserving version). It provides an amazing exfoliation on your face and works miracles even if you have sensitive skin. I love the lime scent and use it once a week. I swear this is magic soap! It is quite pricey but lasts forever and clears up my skin super quick! $21.95

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