Time-Saving School Tips

I am a big fan of life hacks, especially ones that can save me time either before school or while studying. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite, most helpful life hacks that definitely save me a few minutes!

1. This may seem simple, but laying my clothes out at night saves me so much time in the morning before school. Usually in the morning it takes me the longest to pick out an outfit, so when I pick one out at night it cuts my morning routine time in half. Also, I would suggest looking up the weather for the next day when choosing your clothes for the next day. This way, it’s just as easy to adjust to the weather as it would be in the morning.




2. My next tip goes along with planning outfits. To easily organize pre-planned outfits I made tags with the days of the week to hang on the hook of my hangers. By doing this I can easily see which outfits I am going to wear each day of the week and save time when getting ready. As you can see in the photo, I cut a hole in a rectangle of scrapbook paper and added letter stickers to the bottom.


3. I like to have my folders in one color, but trying to pull the right one out of my backpack during class is a nightmare. By adding a strip of washi tape to the corner of my folders, I can easily identify them. I also coordinated each pattern with what I used as the border of my name tag on each folder.


4. My next tip comes especially in handy when writing and revising essays. To me, it helps a lot to have someone read my essay back to me, but I don’t always have someone accessible to me to read to me. I solve this by copy and pasting my essay into Google translate and clicking the speaker button above the English box. It reads it back to you and it becomes much easier to notice the flaws and mistakes in your writing.


5. Finally, I can’t speak for you, but I need several alarms to wake up in the morning. After a while, the alarm sounds tend to blend into my dreams and stop waking me up. My solution to this is setting each alarm to a different noise so each one is as impactful as the previous. For example, the first one could be a dog barking, then a piano riff, then a duck, etc. This way once you get used to one noise it switches.



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