One Size Fits All: Helpful or Hurtful?

Recently, brands like Brandy Melville have started selling their clothes in only one size. Now as you can probably tell I love Brandy Melville, but girl, there is no way I fit into some of their skirts because I don’t have a freaking twenty inch waist and that’s okay. Marketing them as ‘one size fits all’ is not only untrue but forces women to compare their body types and sizes. I understand that it is much easier to sell only one size in terms of manufacturing and organization in stores, but it isolates customers who aren’t that size. I think that only providing one size is helpful when selling items like socks, or hats. Some people say that it is much more efficient to shop in ‘one size fits all’ retailers and you save time not having to look at the sizes, but it’s only efficient if you are that size. Otherwise, you waste time trying on clothes that will only make you feel bad about yourself. If they marketed these clothes as ‘one size fits most’, it may not fit everyone but it’s not as exclusionary as ‘one size fits all’. Overall, my advice is to ignore the size on the tag and what companies believe is the size of everyone. No two people are built exactly the same and every piece of clothing will look different on multiple people, even if a crop top looks like a sports bra on you don’t worry because you probs still look like a goddess. I love this Buzzfeed article because it outlines how Brandy Melville clothing can make people feel, and btw it’s hilarious. ‘One size fits all’ clothing is only helpful for the small percentage of people that are the size of models or small children (lol) and is overall hurtful. Don’t forget, even if you don’t have the same waist size as a professional model, you’re still gorgeous!


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