Skincare Routine

My worst nightmare is waking up on a day I have to do a presentation and having a huge zit… *cue Hannah Montana episode with the billboard*

literally me ^^

and I’m sure no one else likes the feeling of a small volcano breaking through your face. Sorry for that mental image. Anyways, I thought today I would share my skincare routine for maximum pimple prevention! I broke my daily routine up into 3 parts for each time of day, morning, day, and night. Let’s go!



I am a night-shower person, so I do most of my skin products before I go to bed. What I’ve been using recently as a cleanser is the Neutrogena Wave. It’s kind of like a Clarisonic without bristles, which I have been saving up to buy. I like the foaming pads for the Wave because they lather up really well and fast.neutrogenawave

After I wash my face I use the Clean & Clear acne spot treatment which works wonders. It dries out zits without drying out the rest of my face and helps them go away a lot faster. pimplecream

If it was really hot during the day or I feel like my face really dirty, I use the Ocean Salt Scrub from Lush, which I talked about in my Lush favorites post (which you can read here). oceansalt2



In the morning, I wash my face with just water and then I put on my Neutrogena oil-free sensitive skin moisturizer. I use this in the morning because the pimple cream is a little drying. I love how lightweight it is and how it moisturizes but feels like nothing is on my face.facecream



In my school I have gym class second or third period, so after gym I like to freshen up a little bit so I’m not gross and sweaty for the rest of the day. My favorite face wipes are from Burt’s Bees! I like the grapefruit flavor that is super refreshing and how they come in a resealable package so they won’t dry out.facewipes






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