Style Tips For Short People

I’m 5’2 so I understand the struggle of not being able to reach the things at the top of your closet or feeling like you’re being swallowed by your clothes. Today I’m sharing my favorite and what I think are the most flattering styles for short people!



I love a tall boot, but when you are short tall boots can make you look even shorter. I just ordered these boots from ASOS, which is a great place to find good quality and not super expensive shoes. Another good places to buy shoes areand Steve Madden, but for a cheaper store I suggest Forever 21. My favorite boots are black because they match everything, but I also think brown boots can be adorable in the Fall or with sweaters. Click here to see my favorite Fall fashion, which includes statement boots.

Left- ASOS, $62     Top- Forever 21, $27.90     Bottom- Steve Madden, $129.95



Being short, wearing a crop top is basically wearing a normal length shirt, but that’s okay because crop tops are often cheaper that normal length tops. I found especially cheap crop tops at Forever 21 whose prices ranged from $5-$15, I will link the whole crop top section here.

From left- Brandy Melville $16, Forever 21 $6.90, Forever 21 $15.90



Being small, the best advice I can give you is to wear clothes and accessories porportionate to your body. Oversized sunglasses, purses, even hats, will make you look even smaller than you already are. Here are a few examples of things that will overpower you and took avoid.

From left- Nordstrom $48, Quay $50



I. Love. High waisted. Pants. High waisted shorts and pants elongate your legs to make you look longer, which is great for me because I have stubby little legs (not fun). You can get high waisted skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, and probably more. I talked about my favorite jean on my Fall Fashion Finds post which I will link here, but just to reiterate my favorite jeans are from Topshop, Pacsun, and American Eagle. Topshop sells a couple different styles of jeans, but the Jamie jeans are high rise and come in Petite sizes (the jeans on the far right).

From left- ASOS $41, Pacsun $49.95 (now on sale for $39), Topshop $75



Often, the kid section of stores has sizes up to 16 which are comparable to small adult and petite sizes for a fraction of the price. The difference between the two are that kids’ sizes are cut more straight and are sized by odd numbers, and women’s’ sizes are even numbered and cut in a more curvy way. I would suggest Crew Cuts (J. Crew kids) and Gap.

From left- Gap, sizes 4-18     J. Crew, sizes 2-16



Black leggings are super slimming and will elongate your legs to make them look longer. Lululemon leggings are super good quality and will last FOREVER, but they are also super expensive 😦 Again with the kids’ sizes, if you want the quality of lululemon leggings without the price tag, then check out Ivivva leggings. The Wunder Under leggings from Lululemon come in high rise, so you can hit two birds with one stone: high waisted pants and black leggings. You can also buy plain cotton leggings at Forever 21, H&M, and other stores like them.

From left- Ivivva $64, Lululemon $98



If I can’t find jeans that are short enough for me, I cuff the bottom of my jeans. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it really does the trick. If you don’t like the look of cuffed jeans, then you can tuck the edge under/cuff it on the inside to make a makeshift hem. You can also put boot socks over your cuffed jeans and then put on your boots to conceal the cuff.


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