Trendy NYC Food: Is it Worth it?

Recently on social media pretty food has been all the rage. From milkshakes with cotton candy on top to ramen burgers, everyone wants to eat trendy food. The question today if it is worth waiting for 2 hours or paying a ridiculous amount for an Instagram-worthy meal.

I first started seeing crazy foods on Instagram in early 2015 when a Thai ice cream roll shop in Chinatown started appearing on my feed. I’ve been to 10Below twice now and each time it has been packed. I would not recommend going to any of these restaurants in extreme weather (super hot or super cold) because you most likely will have to wait in a line, a long long line. Overall I think 10Below is a must-have at least once.

The next ‘trendy’ restaurant is Jack’s Wife Freda, probably the most Insta-famous of all the brunch spots in NYC. Pros: the prices aren’t bad and the food is amazing. Cons: long wait and crowded tables. This is not the restaurant for you if you are claustrophobic because it is a very small building with very many people. The food is amazing and super cute, as you can see in the pictures below.

Next up is an Upper East Side classic: Sarabeth’s. This restaurant is the epitome of brunch. It is expensive, but has a wide variety on the menu and a few locations. It is just brunch/lunch food though, so it isn’t really that special (not a must-have) but it is delicious. sarabeths.JPG


All photos taken by me.


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