How to Show Your Friends You Love Them

I love my friends, but sometimes I don’t think they know it.

I’ve really been working on trying to show my friends just how much they mean to me. On that note, today’s blog post is about how to show your friends you love them. From small things to more time-consuming activities, I’ve come up with a few ways to show your girls you care.

Text them goodnight!

This may be the simplest and least time consuming project on this list but it makes all the difference. I know I feel better after a long day when a friend texts me goodnight. Even if we haven’t texted recently or it’s late at night it makes all the difference.

SurpriseĀ them…

You can interpret this in many ways, from a surprise birthday party to just a hug in the hallway. Recently one of my friends was feeling a little neglected by the rest of the group. Even though it was already 10 o’clock, we brought candy and hugs to her house and apologized to her. It really showed her how much we cared about her and wanted her to forgive us. Last year one of my best friends threw me a surprise birthday party and it was amazing. Most of my friends were away at summer camp or on vacation so I was kinda bummed I would would have to spend my birthday alone but later i the month once all my friends were back they threw me a party. It was so sweet!


Countless times I have begged and bugged my friends about giving me their food, but now is the time to pay it forward. This tip also works to get back in your mother’s good graces (lol but seriously). One day during a free period I picked up a cappuccino for my mom and gave it to her when she picked me up for school and let me tell you, my oh my, it won’t matter if you dropped your phone in a toilet or failed a math test (not that I’m recommending either hehehe) you will be your mom’s favorite person. Trust me, food solves all problems.

Support their passions

From attending dance recitals to cheering them on at a volleyball game, supporting your friends will make them feel super good. Looking out in the audience and seeing friendly faces is the best when you’re nervous. Even if performing isn’t their thing and an activity like sewing or cooking is more their speed, just show interest will make all the difference. I know it makes me amazing when my friends want to talk about my interests.


Sharing is caring kids, haha but seriously. Clothes, homework help, lip gloss, flash cards, you name it! Sharing really does show just how much you care. I’m saying to give your friends your stuff, just sharing the little things shows how much you trust your friends.


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