Thanksgiving Outfit Tips & Trends

Because Thanksgiving is coming soon (yum) and we all want to look cute for those family photos, I’m here to give a few fashion do’s and don’ts that I’ve thought up to save you from regretting your Thanksgiving outfit for years to come!

DO: wear festive colors!


This goes for every holiday, but festive colors are a must for Thanksgiving! You don’t have to wear a turkey suit to get in the spirit… this super comfy sweater is from GAP (this color is no longer available, but you can find the style here, and a similar color sweater here).


Don’t: wear tight clothing

To hide the inevitable food baby (been there, done that), avoid tight fitting clothing! Bodycon dresses….nightmare. Spandex…… I’m scared. T-Shirt dresses, chunky sweaters, and flannels are always safe bets for hiding the pooch.


Do: A-line skirts…


No one should feel pressure to change their body for anybody but themselves, but if you are scared that your pie-belly will be visible to all your dinner guests and still want to look dressed up, go for an a-line skirt. High waisted skirts will rise above the stomach and conceal without making you uncomfortable. Pair them with a sweater, tights, and boots and you have a super cute n’ trendy fall outfit!


Dont’t: chokers


I love chokers, but the Thanksgiving table is not the time and place for chokers 😦 Eating oodles and oodles of delicious food while wearing a choker is actually kinda painful… ikr yikes! Even a longer necklace could hang over your plate and get food on it, so this year I’m gonna stick with not necklaces.


Do: Bring extra socks!

This may seem weird, but this is my best tip. From nails on floor boards to puddles in the kitchen, my socks are always covered in unidentifiable stains and holes by the end of the night…. gross I know. That’s why it’s always good to carry an extra pair of socks with you to wherever you will be spending Thanksgiving!


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