Mason Jar Desserts!

Recently I’ve noticed that anything in a mason jar is trendy, so why not desserts and just in time for Thanksgiving! Here are a two ideas to make your classic Thanksgiving recipes into mason jar desserts…


To change up the classic apple pie, make it in a mason jar! Use your favorite pie crust recipe (or mine!) and bake it in the bottom of a mason jar until it is golden and cooked through. I would suggest standing the jars up in a pan with an edge or a cake pan so they don’t fall over, god-forbid, shatter in the oven. Then spoon in the hot n’ cooked apples (cooked in a separate pan for even cooking) and top with vanilla ice cream!


Recently, I had a pumpkin pie mousse jar that was delicious! Instead of making a traditional pumpkin pie in a jar, which would be hard to cook evenly, it was a pumpkin pie spice mousse! Here is Nancy Fuller of Food Network’s recipe! You can either layer it with granola to make a parfait style or follow the same steps with the apple pie crust and then spoon in your mousse. Top with whipped cream and cinnamon and bon appetite!



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