My Choice Advent Calendars

December is upon us and my favorite way to celebrate is to crack open my advent calendars! Advent calendars are classically a box with 24 smaller boxes filled with chocolate that you open each day leading up to Christmas, but today I thought I would show you a few different advent calendars for different people in your family!

Photo from Amazon

My favorite advent calendar when I was growing up was my Playmobil calendar! Everyday you get a different animal, person, or decoration to add to the scene, leading up to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. $35 Amazon

Photo from Lush website

This next calendar is for the Lush-addict out there (i.e. me)! This one is a gift set with 12 different famous Lush products for the 12 Days of Christmas. Warm baths are just the best when it’s freezing outside so I can definitely see this advent calendar getting some use. $99.95 Lush

Photo from Benefit Website

I love this Benefit 12 Days of Christmas set because you get $86 worth of original Benefit products for only $45. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this would be a great gift for anyone out there who is just starting out with makeup or is a die-hard Benefit lover! $45 Benefit Cosmetics

Photo from Amazon

This advent calendar is another childhood favorite. I was always so jealous of my older brother’s Lego advent calendar so I thought I would include a very similar one in this list! On the Lego website and Amazon, they sell many different themes of Lego advent calendars so there is something for everyone, even the adults who are children at heart. $55 Amazon

Photo from Master of Malt Website

Now this 24-day advent calendar can only work for those friends over 21. I think this gift would be good for a father or grandfather or just anyone who likes whiskey. It is expensive, but for the variety here you just can’t beat it. Also, according to a few different lists of advent calendars suggested for men, this is always one of the top choices! $155.92 Master of Malt

Photo from Amazon

If all you want this Christmas season is a classic advent calendar, you can buy reusable, wooden, 24-drawer advent calendars to fill yourself. Every year we break out our beautiful painted advent calendar and fill it with little treats to enjoy all December. Here is a similar one I found on Amazon: $44.30 Amazon


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