The Best Online Gift Guides!

We all know that the holiday season is approaching fast and with the holidays comes gift-giving! For some people you automatically know exactly what to get, but for others you aren’t so lucky. For those gift-giving dead ends, I’ve compiled a list of the best online store gift sections!

Urban Outfitters

This holiday season don’t forget to check out Urban Outfitters‘ gift section. They have specific pages for different types of gift giving, from gender-based to price wise you could find a gift for everyone!

Forever 21

If you’ve ever shopped at a Forever 21, then you’ve probably succumbed to the impulse buys at the end of the checkout line… I know I have, but think about how good those little knick knacks would be as stocking stuffers! They have a whole page just for stocking stuffers and also a few more for different categories.


Nordstrom also has an amazing gift selection, probably the most extensive on this list. It would be good for finding  gifts for a wider range of people, not just teenage girls. They also have a wider range of kids toys on their website.


Lush may have the most innovative gift guide page. All you have to do is enter one word or phrase to describe the person you are trying to shop for and they will recommend a few gift sets for that type of person. It literally does all the work for you, you only have to choose which to buy! LOVE.


This may be my favorite online gift section yet! My favorite feature is the shop by recipient, you can access a list of gifts specifically chosen based on the recipient. For example, if you are clueless about what to buy your Dad for Christmas, then Bloomingdale’s already curated a list of present ideas for a father so all you have to do is click on the list a badaboom!

American Eagle

I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the American Eagle website gift section, but wow. One unique feature on their gift section is the shop by interest. Depending on what them person is into, you can chose a present accordingly! PS, adorable dog costumes!

The Body Shop

Gift sets from The Body Shop are amazing value. You get a ton of products for a fraction of the price if you bought them separately! I also like the Secret Santa section that has small gifts for your Secret Santa games!



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